About Us

My wife, Ashley, and I own Log Home Artisan, Inc. and are based out of Botetourt, Virginia.  I got my first taste of construction during the summer of 1995 while working on a framing crew.  After surviving that work experience, I swore that I would never have anything to do with construction again.

I have since learned to never say never.  Six years later, after earning a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and working for a financial company, I found myself back in the construction trade.  I began working for a local sunroom company installing sunrooms.  I held several positions within that company before deciding it was time to go out on my own.  In 2004, I secured a variety of tools, insurance, and a contractor’s license.  It was then that PLS Installations Inc., now Log Home Artisan, Inc. was born.

We started out primarily installing sunrooms, hence the name PLS Installations Inc.  In 2005, we met a local log home contractor and started doing work for him as a subcontractor. Since our inception, we have always tried to be open to new opportunities and have experimented with many different specialties in residential construction.  However, by 2010, the overwhelming majority of our work was with the log home industry and that is why we finally changed our name to Log Home Artisan, Inc.  The name change is something that we had discussed since 2011, but had been reluctant to do because we had built up some brand recognition and knew that changing the name of our company to “Log Home Artisan, Inc.”  would more than likely limit us to log homes. That is exactly what happened and we are very pleased to now work exclusively on log homes.

Log Home Artisan, Inc. believes in doing business in a professional manner. We hold a Class B contractor’s license, carry workman’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.  We have attended Perma-Chink’s Product Information Seminars on multiple occasions, completed their Applicator Only Workshop in Tennessee twice and also attended Sashco’s Zero Failures seminar in Colorado.  We have also read countless books on log repair, log home restoration and log home maintenance. Education is very important us!

Owning a log home ourselves, we realize that log home owners are a little different.  Log home owners take a lot of pride in their home.  They live and breathe with their home, not just in their home.  Most log home owners have taken an active role in either the construction or general upkeep of their homes. This active role creates a bond between you and your home, so when your home has a problem, we understand that it can be an emotional experience.  Simply contact us and we will be there to help to the best of our abilities.

Sean Whitson