Log Home Artisan, Inc.

Once we decided on a new name for our company, we put a lot of thought into creating a new logo.  Instead of the traditional pine tree, saw blade or little log cabin that other companies in the log home industry tend to utilize, we wanted something unique that had meaning to both us and our customers.

We chose the compass rose for two reasons.  First , I believe that in everything you do, if you are going to succeed, you must have direction.  Second, when speaking to a log home owner for the first time on the phone, nine times out of ten, they refer to the different sides of their  house as the South side, the West side and so forth.  Knowing one’s home’s orientation seems to be a characteristic of log home owners that really impresses me.

The antlers also have significant meaning.  I wanted something a little rustic and the antlers portray that feel.  It has also been my experience that the majority of log home owners have a deep appreciation for nature and antlers are typically not something one would see in the city.  Also, on a personal level, I can’t think of anything more majestic than an antlered deer standing proud in his environment. This is how I want you to feel about your log home after we have completed our work.