Complete Log Home Restoration

This is a complete restoration job we did several years ago in Vinton VA. The house had been coated with a very thick solid stain that was not “breathable”.  Over time, moisture collected behind the finish and decay set in.  There was over 400 linear feet of logs that needed to be replaced on this home.

The first step of this project was to replace all the rotten logs.  Next we media blasted the house and treated the bare wood with borates.  The caulking was touched up and the whole house was stained.  We used Perma-Chink Ultra-7 Cedar.  The staining was a three coat process.  The first coat applied was Prelude.  Prelude is a clear primer made by Perma-Chink designed for rough wood.  The second coat was the Lifeline Ultra-7 stain followed by Lifeline Advance top coat.  After the staining was complete, we replaced all the windows with vinyl clad units made by Pella.